WOW!!! This week has been exciting!

Monday, I drove to Atlanta for my weekly prenatal visit, where it has always been great to see them–although I am HATING the drive now. Maybe this one will be last seeing as my “home visit” takes place next week and just maybe Baby Jett could come before I have to drive back again?

Tuesday in Montgomery I witnessed, with gladness, a midwifery decriminalization bill passing through the House for the first time in history. I then rushed home to have a meeting with my doula to make plans for Jett’s birth.

Wednesday, I saw my chiropractor again, which is always a good thing. Seeing that today is Thursday and needless to say though, I am worn out right now and want to nap; but there is more to do, and this week is not over yet.

38 weeks now and I have a camper, not a hospital bag, to pack. HA!

Now to go deeper into why I am so excited about this week:

I have been mostly excited to see HB315 hit the floor of the house; the fact that it took 84

I call this a landslide!

YEAs was icing on the cake. I was most proud that Representatives Warren Pebblin, Joe Lovvorn, and Isaac Whorton were among the YEAs. After all, it was time that Alabama gained some common sense and decriminalized CPMs. Sadly, we are one of 6 states that criminalize them, 44 states allow them to work. That fact alone just says it all when you compare us to the rest of the country, or even the rest of the world for that matter.


This morning, HB315 was placed into the Judiciary committee which is awesome news

Friends from Alabama Birth Coalition!

because that is where this bill should belong. This bill will make our state similar to Georgia, where CPMs can not be charged with a crime for assisting mothers in this state. Even though I will be 39 weeks pregnant, I plan on going back next week to talk with senators to garner more support. Hopefully, we will not have to end up demonstrating how midwives work while I am down there. Although, such demonstration may be what they need. At least I know a couple good midwives that will probably be around! Additionally, we may also line up a Rules committee member to be ready to put the bill on the Senate floor once it passes through the Judiciary committee, because it just has to, right? It is getting more exciting to see this happening right now! I know it more than likely will not take into law before baby Jett gets here, but perhaps by the time we have another baby after Jett!


Apart from these politics, the best part of the week was sitting in my camper with my doula and talking about our birth plans–it is getting so close! I think my doula definitely has her work cut out for her when it comes to me. Doulas give emotional support, and she has been with me since I lost Eliza. Therefore, this has been an extremely long road, with ups and downs the whole way; but we are closer to the good parts now. At this point, she has become more of a best friend. With her guidance and presence, I am excited for the most part about this birth. I cannot wait to experience it with people who make me feel I am being listened and take cues from me instead of the care I have experienced before.
While I am not scared, there are things I acknowledge with anxiety that simply cannot be controlled. However, such concerns are normal for any parent who has lost a child. These concerns are a fear that will always take your breath away, no matter how much you have planned and prepared and changed things. I know that I am different from most parents because of the fact that my daughter should not have died that day. And to prevent a repeat for the upcoming birth of her brother Jett, I have done everything in my power to change the things in the situation that caused her death. I have put together a team of people I trust, and I know that this birth will be much different than what I have been put through before.

Back about the meeting with my doula, it was exciting sitting there and talking about all the little details and whatnot for the big day–or night. We went over lots of little
preferences and even set up the birth pool that we may IMG_4913use. Earlier, we had worried about what would fit in the camper, and the one she brought in fits perfectly. We established this plan for retrieving and maintaining the water within the birth pool warm. We needed to think creatively, because campers typically contain hot water heater that only holds about 6 gallons. Only six gallons of water.  We planned to have lots of big pots and utilize the stove, outdoor grill, fire pit, and a burner, if need be, to get the tub filled. My doula helped me think of things I had not even remembered, which I have found beyond helpful such as groceries!

There are some things though that you cannot plan, which is to plan exactly where or when I will give birth and how that will turn out. I plan to simply listen to my body and do what it tells me to do this time. For this, I am beyond being excited. I dream about it often, although I admit that I probably cannot even comprehend what this birth will be like. Yet I know that I cannot wait to experience giving birth the natural way. I know that I am strong and I trust my body more than ever. I will be listening to my body first and foremost this time.


Anyone care to guess when Baby Jett will make his appearance? My guess dates are 5/8(by LMP) and 5/11(by ovulation). The full moon will be May 10th, and I am gonna go with that day for now. We have to wait and see if that full moon stuff has any weight. Both my girls were pretty much right on time, which also makes May 10th feel solid to me too.



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