Can you see the forest or the trees??

Our society changed how birth was done in major ways years ago by moving it from the home to the hospital and replacing midwives with OBs.  This was not for the health of mama and baby though sadly. Most of us low risk moms need a midwife, not the training of an OB which is great for true high risk, but it is just not that common. When you start with the medical model though, you have to end with the medical model which often times ends in sticky situations and side effects. I want to define the medical model really quickly and that does not just apply to labor drugs and epidurals. It starts with the hospital itself. It is all the monitors and especially being made to lie on your back in a hospital bed. It is most definitely being hooked up to an IV which makes it easy for them to give you medicines and drugs without your knowledge. I can not tell you how many moms got their medical records only to find out that they were given something that they were not even aware of such as pitocin or antibiotics. The medical model of care starts as soon as you walk into that hospital and it is perfectly fine if that is what makes you comfortable, but be aware that things can end in unnecessary surgery this way if you are not careful. Statistics prove this seeing as over 32% on average of women in hospitals end up in cesarean sections versus homebirth moms being around 5%. It ends with moms who wanted one thing and ended up with another because it is drilled into us to be prepared to change our plans.

MANA Home Birth Study: “Among 16,924 women who planned home births at the onset of labor, 89.1% gave birth at home. The majority of intrapartum transfers were for failure to progress, and only 4.5% of the total sample required oxytocin augmentation and/or epidural analgesia. The rates of spontaneous vaginal birth, assisted vaginal birth, and cesarean were 93.6%, 1.2%, and 5.2%, respectively. Of the 1054 women who attempted a vaginal birth after cesarean, 87% were successful. Low Apgar scores (< 7) occurred in 1.5% of newborns. Postpartum maternal (1.5%) and neonatal (0.9%) transfers were infrequent. The majority (86%) of newborns were exclusively breastfeeding at 6 weeks of age. Excluding lethal anomalies, the intrapartum, early neonatal, and late neonatal mortality rates were 1.30, 0.41, and 0.35 per 1000, respectively.”

That is a MONUMENTAL difference and demonstrates that your risk of ending in surgery correlates directly with where you give birth. If I had stayed at home, my daughter would be here with us because the medical model literally squeezed her to death. There was no real NICU available on top of that, so the hospital literally failed my family in every single way possible. I am fully aware that on occasion true medical emergencies happen though and that OBs are best when there is a real issue – one that wasn’t caused by labor drugs or their protocols/techniques to begin with. Again, all the things listed above. The IVs and drugs have very real side effects that are not disclosed to you, but it is written on the package inserts. There are also many studies that show that monitors and being on your back delay labor, which is the biggest reason to start augmenting labor instead of actually finding what position works for each individual mother. It is a cycle that most are overlooking sadly because no one ever explains to them that these drugs and IVs can cause your babies’ heart rate to drop which would then need an emergency surgery.

So please, I do not care to hear again that a hospital is where I need to be! I have done my research and made my choice. My midwife though is fully trained and experienced and has also saved babies’ lives as well. She does come prepared with the medical supplies necessary and her experience is priceless. She allows birth to take its course naturally and ensures that it goes well versus intervening in the process like the medical model does. God designed birth and he did it that way for a reason. If for some reason a cord prolapse or uterine rupture happened, it is not gonna matter that much where I am anyway and those are the real dangers.

Also keep in mind that one of the top perinatologist in the country is my back up doctor and Dr. Bootstaylor fully supports my decision, in fact it was his idea! His c-section rate is 5% despite all of the high risk he sees. He delivers multiples, breech, moms who have had previous sections, home birth moms, and all other high risk moms vaginally or does a family centered section if need be while the majority of OBs tell moms that they have to have a section to save their lives and or their babies’ lives. He sets the bar pretty high and you can not really be any more educated either. Moms travel from all over the southeast just for him. If an emergency comes up, we will go to him and that is simply the best and safest plan I can possibly come up with for my family. After what we have been through, I have studied it all and am not just accepting societal norms anymore. Just because everyone else keeps jumping off that bridge, does not mean that I am going to do it again. This is not based on what is truly healthy, but what benefits others wether it is convenience or monetary gains. If it was truly about the health of mama and baby, all moms would have access to a midwife first and then move to an OB as need be instead. Our country has the 3rd highest infant mortality rate in the world despite our ideals that we have the most “advanced medical” system….it may be complicated, but it is obviously not working to put us at the lowest infant mortality rate. Holland has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world and all low risk mothers birth at home. Emergencies and high risk are at the hospitals which just make sense. Our system is the problem that needs to be fixed, but most of us cannot see the forest for the trees…

I have been through the worst nightmare anyone could go through and I wish pieces of it had been recorded because it would make you sick to your stomach to have seen what I was put through while in labor. It was agony and the only thing I can do to honor my daughter is to tell our story in hopes that it can help make a difference in this broken system we have. There is lots of information out there that is not being shared with society. You have to look deeper to see it. Profit lines and jobs are not more important than actual health. God designed us organically and we put far too many man made toxins and chemicals in our bodies and that is the problem with our health overall really. God gave us everything we need, but we all know the nature of man.


35 weeks with a rainbow!! Nesting has begun!


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