In celebration of our 4th wedding anniversary and because it was just the first time we IMG_4210could make it work, we took out The Baby Wagon so that we could start breaking her in before the big day this past weekend! It just so happened to fall on the 4th anniversary of our honeymoon too which was pretty cool. AdaRee was beyond excited to go camping and despite all of us suffering from allergies we were bound and determined to enjoy our first outing. I really anticipated it to be a big ordeal, but in reality it was much simpler than I was expecting. We hooked it up and hit the road with ease. We traveled the interstate and that we pretty smooth sailing as well. Caleb was pretty awesome at setting up the camper especially given IMG_4211that it was his first time and it was starting to get dark on top of that. I was so proud of him. Luckily we were also able to text the sweet family we bought it from for some quick pointers and that was a real help too. We went to a neat campground nearby called 3 Creeks Campground and it has a roller skating rink, a water slide park, and playground within it, so we did not make any plans for anything except to just experience life in an RV. Our allergies were pretty rough, so we were pretty lazy most of the time, but hey – that’s the best way to break a home away from home in, right? Luckily we had leftovers from our anniversary dinner the night before to eat the first night after all the set up and everything. AdaRee took her first camper bath and she loved it! It was just the right size for her and we sat on the couch and watched TV while also watching her bathe which we thoroughly appreciated for a change. Then we crashed early from all the excitement. AdaRee loved having her own room too – maybe it was because there was a TV in there? Hmmm…that may have to disappear somehow. IMG_4216Caleb’s allergies were the worst on Saturday, but he managed to push through like a trooper. We lazily got up and had a late breakfast. I took my first camper shower and 6 gallons of hot water almost made it for me to get a good shower in although 7 would have been perfect. I am not sure how warm Caleb’s shower was, but he did not complain. We headed out for a Dollar General to pick up a few things that I forgot and to just have these things in the camper so that I do not have to move them back and forth. We explored a few local places to eat and then headed back. I was so excited for AdaRee to go skating for the first time and I wish I was the one who had been able to do it with her, but I figure that being 8 months pregnant was not the most ideal time be on roller skates…but I grew up roller skating so we will definitely be doing this again after Jett gets here.

She enjoyed it, but lost interest pretty quickly and then we let her go play on the playground for a bit. We then headed back to the camper and we all just hung out coloring IMG_4222while Caleb grilled some burgers for dinner. It was the most fun yet non eventful weekend ever. We just enjoyed our space and fell asleep early again. The next morning Caleb and AdaRee got up early and went fishing. She caught her first fish and boy was her daddy proud! We really liked this place and can not wait to go back again. We are not sure if it is where we will park it for Jett’s birth, but it does have plenty of stuff for AdaRee to do if we choose it. It certainly has its perks for us! We will be going back this summer

Adult coloring books for natural birth!
regardless. I can certainly understand why some people are moving to

Could one be anymore excited??
tiny houses, because there are a lot of advantages to living in close quarters. I just highly recommend that your family gets along and really likes being that close together! I can say for certain that I married the right man and that there is no one else on this planet that I would rather go through this crazy thing called life with other than Caleb Petty. We have done so much and been through so much together in the 6 years that we have been together that I could not imagine planning anything without him. We are planning Jett’s birth to be healing for us both, not just me. Caleb also trusted the medical professionals there and he went through it all with me and witnessed what his wife was put through although there was not much he could do to help me, so this birth is going to be all about Team Petty! We think that the close quarters will make it better for us and plus we will have the added benefit of getting creative with the space for keeping me more comfortable. Most animals seek out a small dark place and an RV can easily be that. It all just felt good to us and we are excited to get closer to May!

TEAM PETTY for the win!!!


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