When does the second trimester start exactly??

The exhaustion is really getting old and I know it usually gets better sometime near the second trimester, at least it better this time around too! I already need to deep clean my house again because I’ve been slacking and my tiny dictator has been running the show lately. Growing a baby motel and a baby too takes a lot out of you, even if you eat a whole food diet…..well, for the most part! HA! I’ll admit that I’ve been slacking there too these days. It is far easier to pick something up than to meal plan and that has gotten me. I have come to fully realize the addictive powers of sugar as well since sugar is hard to escape if you don’t prepare all of your food and we just went through Halloween, so I find myself searching for sugar at some point during the day. It is clear that it is time for a sugar detox for sure, but can I have some energy back first before I tackle that? Please and thank you! I really do not want to throw out all my good habits at the most important time either. But let’s talk estimated due dates(EDD)…..

By my last menstrual cycle(LMP) it would be May 8th, but being that I was charting my cycle and temping, I know that I ovulated a couple days later. By ovulation, my EDD would be May 11th, so I’m either 13 weeks, 5 days or 13 weeks, 2 days, so I’m calling it the second trimester already hoping to will it into existence. Technically it would be 13 weeks and 3 days if you divide it up, but some start at 13 and some 14, but who is really counting anyway, right? HA! We got to see Baby Petty #3 again last week and she was hard to catch wiggling around in there, but everything looked great! See Baby was just amazing again as usual. It is truly shocking to me how different the care is that I get there and how much time they spend with me and how they LISTEN and really care about me.

Baby Petty #3

My little wiggle worm….

I took this video from a big comfy leather chaise with fluffy pillows and soft throw blankets while my family sat on a comfy couch in a perfectly decorated room with 3 flat screens for our viewing pleasure and this was my OBs office?!? How is this real?

On another note, if I want to birth this baby at The Farm, it will probably cost around $6,200 for Midwifery care and a 2 week stay. The Farm is legendary and the home of Ina May Gaskin. It would be awesome, but I just do not want to uproot my whole family, most especially my tiny dictator and then driving back home afterward. It would be awesome to birth in one of their cabins where 1,000s of other moms have, but I am such a home body. The cost does not phase me really, it’s the inconvenience that I don’t like, but food for thought. After all, this is more important to me than buying a car or house for that matter. Dr. Bootstaylor is the only man that could get me to walk into a hospital, but just weighing out all of our options….